Akdeniz Üniversitesi

Presentation by our Rector

Dear Friends and Dear Students,

Akdeniz University, which is enjoying a period of maturity nowadays, has been on a continuous voyage towards enthusiastically achieving its objectives. In following our present path, the first job that we are required to do is to renew our academic programs. We believe that renewal is the basic requirement of change and progress. In the competitive world of science, the philosophy of Akdeniz University is a sincere belief that our country and nation can only be served through progress. In order to achieve our target, on the one hand we are driving forward the work of renewal, while on the other hand we have been searching for faculty members both from home and abroad who are suitably qualified, and who can raise our academic and scientific studies to the highest level in order to make the content more inclusive.

With newly-founded laboratories, newly-bought equipment, and newly-built facilities, Akdeniz University is on the way to establishing a place in the scientific world which is respected with pride. We desire that everything should be of the highest quality for our students. We are sure that students who are content and provided with the best environment are able to receive a better education, and will be able to move forward into the future confidently. Akdeniz University has adopted a student-centred understanding and a student-centred education system, and serious steps have been taken to apply these advanced ideas with determination to meet all the needs of all the students. Akdeniz University is on its way of becoming an international university not only for Turkish students, but also for hundreds of students from different countries.

The attractions of our university and city have drawn the attention of many people who wish to receive a quality education, whether it is at bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or doctorate levels. That bestows upon us a historic responsibility. We are determined to bear that responsibility, and we know that the world must work together, and mutual knowledge is the treasure of all humankind. And as Akdeniz University, it is our responsibility to share our knowledge.

We have always said that our doors are open to everybody. I want to share with you one more time that we demonstrate our quality with the prizes we have been awarded, and we are determined to carry on in the same way. On the path we are determined to follow, Akdeniz University will improve cooperation with the leading institutions not only in Turkey but in the rest of the world too. We are committed to doing this, because sharing knowledge constitutes the greatest step forward in our scientific studies.  The results of our international studies will be presented to the world in short time, and will provide a basis for inventions for the benefit of all humanity. We are also determined to apply this insight to our university’s other mission.

We are in agreement that we must provide services which can raise our country to the highest level of welfare enjoyed by the most advanced nations. We’ll achieve this within a short period of time through the enlightenment and transfer of knowledge to society, and the integration of Akdeniz University with the community in the service of Turkey.

With this viewpoint, we are continuing our cooperation with all state and private bodies. I am appealing to you; please give voice to your expectations without delaying for even one second. Please do not forget that each idea that you share with us will be put at the service of mankind. Akdeniz University is located in Antalya, a place which Atatürk called “Undoubtedly the most beautiful place of earth”, and which so many people from all over the world come to see in great numbers. Akdeniz University, which combines the glamorous image of Antalya with the power of scientific progress, continues to draw to itself the attention of the world.

The great leader Atatürk defined universities as institutions which “enlighten society, steer society, and pave the way for society with the scientific light that they spread”. Akdeniz University, which takes its power from the idea of achieving the goals set by Atatürk, is walking towards this goal with its modern, democratic, and secular system of education. The ideas of improving awareness of the environment, protecting the world we own and building peace and serenity, all have a vital role to play in our purpose. We know that service to our society and mankind is our basic duty.

My precious friends and dear students, we believe that thanks to the special work of my precious academics, we will be able to manage great work in the future.  We know that all the graduates of Akdeniz University are raised with special care, and each one of them has a special value. We will give great service to this country, because we are aware that the great work which the highly-qualified graduates of Akdeniz University have done before today is the assurance of their future success. We can place great scientific work at the service of mankind by joining our hands together. We can do work which will have a tremendous impact not just in Turkey, but also throughout the world, with the students who pass through our doors as graduates. Let the Akdeniz University fulfil its mission. We know that we have the necessary facilities, talent and opportunity to do this. Let us walk to a better future together.

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