Akdeniz Üniversitesi


The Chairmanship of the Library and Documentation Department is responsible for making available to library users all kinds of information in a wide variety of formats, and in every medium. In this way the library provides direct support for the education of students, and the conduct of scientific research in our university.

dosyaWith an area of 4505 square metres, the library has an infrastructure capable of serving 450 people simultaneously. By making available its special collections, fifteen individual study rooms, computers with uninterrupted internet connections, and facilities for free photocopying of periodicals, the Library is successfully fulfilling its role of highlighting the scientific studies conducted at the university.

Odosyaur library operates an open-stack system, with approximately thirty thousand books and over two hundred collections of periodicals on display. Books and articles not available in the library can be obtained from other domestic or foreign libraries, or from document vendor centres.

We have held the post-graduate, doctorate, and expert area theses of 1,552 academic staff from the Institute of Health Science, Institute of Science, and Institute of Social Science since 2004.

dosyaUniversity staff, students and personnel can borrow books from the library by using their subscription card, while users from outside the university may take advantage of all our services with the exception of book lending.