Akdeniz Üniversitesi

Introduction to our University

Akdeniz University, an institution which is dedicated to bringing illumination and enlightenment to society, was founded in 1982. It has since become one of the nation’s leading education institutions due to its rapid yet stable progress. The university, with 27 years of development behind it, now provides a modern standard of education in 15 faculties, 6 schools and 13 vocational schools. In addition to its bachelor degree programmes, Akdeniz University has 5 graduate schools which provide post-graduate and doctorate programs, as well as providing a home for the Antalya State Conservatory. Akdeniz University is a campus university established on 3,700 acres of land to the west of the city centre. With more than 240 different educational and scientific programmes, the university provides education for more than 30,000 students.

The primary goal of Akdeniz University is to put at the service of the nation graduates who are not only well-qualified, but also modern, democratic and secular in outlook. We encourage them to be at peace with the community, able to see both the national and universal perspective with deep respect for the highest cultural values, and with an appreciation of Atatürk’s principles and reforms. They will go out into the world with an ability to solve problems, with a purpose for the future, and well-equipped to use the knowledge they have gained in their quest for further professional and personal development.

Our involvement in the Erasmus program in 2003 has transformed our university into an international institution which is not only meeting the needs of foreign students, but which has also led to us being selected twice as the best university in our application of the Erasmus program by the Turkish National Agency. Akdeniz University carried this success even further across Europe when it was placed third among over four thousand universities from 23 countries, and awarded the “Erasmus Lifelong Learning Award”, given by the Education and Culture General Directorate of the European Commission. The award of this prize placed the name of Turkey for the first time in a prominent position within the scope of European Education programmes.

Continual Education Centre of Akdeniz University offers services which help people to plan their careers as well as participate more actively in the socio-economic life of the nation.

Akdeniz University Library located on 4,305 m2 of indoor floor area, and with its 600 seat capacity brings together a wide range of vital information sources required for the scientific studies of library users, and makes it easily and freely available in order to give direct support to education and research.

Akdeniz Student Dormitory is located within the main campus. It is run by the General Directorate of Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution and has all the facilities required to meet the essential needs of our students.

Meal for our students and staff is served by the Central Cafeteria which prepares meals under strict hygiene conditions using only quality ingredients selected for food safety. In 2006, with its inexpensive but quality service, it was selected as the best university cafeteria serving the best food.

Within the Health, Culture and Sports Department which offers scholarship to students who are in need of them, the “Handicapped Student Support Unit” has been established in order to meet the requirements of handicapped students.

Health facilities in the university are provided by the Medico Social Centre through the use of polyclinics. When necessary patients are transferred to Akdeniz University Hospital, which is the foremost health institution in the region.

The Cultural Affairs Branch Office is responsible for a wide variety of student communities in which students are encouraged to spend their free time on social and cultural activities such as exhibitions, concerts, conferences, seminars and various scientific meetings.

Akdeniz University supports the active participation by students in the university administration. With the help of the Student Council, the requests, wishes and expectations of the students can be conveyed to the university administration, and in this way a valuable contribution to the solution of many problems can be made.

Within the context of increasing globalization, the International Youth Festival is held in May every year to bring together young people from different countries in a cultural, artistic and entertaining atmosphere. The aim of the festival is to pass our rich cultural heritage and precious traditions on to succeeding generations, and to bring the young people of the world together in peace and harmony.

In the Olbia Cultural Centre, awarded the Aga Khan Architecture Prize, students and staff have the opportunity to make use of the social-cultural facilities.

Sports Services Branch Office offers facilities for basketball, volleyball, badminton and tennis courts, heated indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a fitness centre and an athletics track available to students, staff and the people of Antalya along with gymnasiums, a climbing wall and a beach volleyball area and football fields.

Akdeniz University which has adopted a policy of change and development with the aim of being a competitive, active, productive, prestigious “worldwide university” in order to create a quality culture appropriate for the total quality management has been qualified for the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Certificate within the Rectorate Administrative Units.

Antalya Technopolis, which holds second place among Turkish universities in the number of patent applied for, runs projects oriented towards sectors such as industry, medical technology, agriculture, food and tourism.

The Akdeniz University Entrepreneurship and Business Development Centre which has been established to help with the implementation of career goals provides a job placement programme for university students and graduates as well as a consultation service for personal development, entrepreneurship and innovation by coordinating the relationship between the university and the private sector.

The bulletins published by the Akdeniz University Rectorship Press and Public Relations organisation provide up to date information to the University and community about the scientific, cultural, sports activities and improvements in the field of education held in the university.

The award-winning university radio station on 91.3 FM is run from the Faculty of Communication, and has gained the appreciation of the people of Antalya for its high quality broadcasting.

In Adrasan, which has one of the most beautiful bays on the Mediterranean, the university has Adrasan Research, Education and Application Centre with 5 blocks, 120 beds, and 3 conference halls where we can welcome our guests with a high quality and hospitable service.

The newly established University Security System which has been set up for the students’ having education in a safety environment provides a peaceful education atmosphere.

Akdeniz University Hospital which is home to some of the leading centres in the country in fields such as organ transplants, bone marrow transplants, gene therapy admits patients from all over Turkey and contributes a variety of services with the most modern expertise and medical technology.

We look forward to seeing you at Akdeniz University, a university which is dedicated to bringing illumination and enlightenment to society in accordance with Atatürk’s principles and reforms, and which fulfils its duty to deal with regional and national problems and provide effective solutions.

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