Akdeniz Üniversitesi

Introduction to Our University

Akdeniz University, an institution which is dedicated to bringing illumination and enlightenment to society, was founded in 1982. It has since become one of the nation’s leading education institutions due to its rapid yet stable progress. The university, with 27 years of development behind it, now provides a modern standard of education in 15 faculties, 6 schools and 13 vocational schools. In addition to its bachelor degree programmes, Akdeniz University has 5 graduate schools which provide post-graduate and doctorate programs, as well as providing a home for the Antalya State Conservatory. Akdeniz University is a campus university established on 3,700 acres of land to the west of the city centre. With more than 240 different educational and scientific programmes, the university provides education for more than 30,000 students.  continue

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